A strong and solid background in both science and the practical application scientific understanding to production :

High School (FR-Moutiers 1996-1999) : « Baccalauréat » scientist specialized in biology

a theoretical foundation in scientific methods and procedures.

ENILV (National School of Milk Industry) in « La Roche sur Foron » 1999-2001 : BTS (Diploma of superior technician food industry specialized in milk and cheese technologies)

Comprehensive study of the theory, methods and requirements of the milk industry consolidated by practical and concrete experiences at the state of the art production training activity. This training was based on the slogan “the theory on the ground”. Practical application of theory in order to give a full understanding of the production process was emphasized, with much hands on work to compliment the classroom learning.

University « Claude Bernard LYON1 » in the Lyon’s closest city of Bourg en Bresse 2001-2003 : IUP (Professional University Institute) biotechnologies and bio-industries option production manager

This training covered not just production management but also the how production fits into the overall business setting : laws, business management, biotechnology, environmental requirements, quality control and HACCP systems, production and project management, building engineering, marketing and sales – as many points that need to be understood to ensure the manufacture of a high quality product.


With 7 seven years of experience in the dairy product industry, each project has built upon the previous resulting in a firm grasp of the practical requirements for excellent results.

Professional Background

My agricultural origins (family producing milk and processing cheese in the French Alps) allow me to integrate my experience in a global way with a clear vision of the big picture My experience is that there can be no break-point, or disconnect between the grass, the cow, the cheese plant, the aging room and the consumers plate..The comprehensive control of all these components in the production chain is essential for the production of a successful high quality product.
Before specializing in the milk industry, my childhood experiences with family farming in the alpine region of France, taught me about the herd management system in the alpine region, from the food production (hay, silage, grains…) through the field management, the organization of a farmer’s work, and the sharing of the tasks and responsibilities in a company.

Summers (schools holidays) 1996-1997-1998-1999-2001 Savoy-France

Learned cheesemaking and production of « Beaufort » cheese (hard cheese) in the Alps. Traditional methods in copper vat with handmade cutting and curd draining. Making of the “Serac” (whey cheese), and retail cheese sales.

Summers 2000 – 2003

Internships in a dairy company producing the « Beaufort » cheese Savoy-France (modern methods), Study work : Feasibility of the installation of a reverse osmosis module for the whey concentration (2001), and elaboration of the EU production agreement (2003).

September 2001- Summer 2002

Consulting – Design and set up of a half hard cheese production facility in Vermont-USA : Preplanning, building requirements, production equipments design, cheese plant organisation, setting up of the process, production starting up, cheesemakers training and sales advices.

2004 - Winter 2005 – 2006 - 2007

Cheesemaker (Hard Cheese : « Beaufort ») in different dairy cooperatives in Savoie-France.

July 2005

Consulting in a Polish cheese plant (North-East of Poland) : optimisation of the production methods, intern review, set up of a new process, workers training.

August-October 2005

Consulting in a Kirghiz Cheese plant (East of Kirghistan – central Asia). Optimisation of the production methods, intern audit, set up of a new process, workers training, set up of the HACCP system, general reorganisation of the work (intern relations, milk collect, milk production methods).

May-August 2008

Set up of a second semi-hard cheese production facility in Vermont-USA : Pre-planning, building requirements, production equipments design, cheese plant organisation, setting implementation of the production process, cheesemakers training, sales advices.


Follow up and implementation of different projects in France, USA, central and eastern Asia. Biogas production project from the whey, industrial “ricotta” (whey proteins) process...


Numerous and various experiences, worldwide, full of challenges. Each consulting job includes “follow-up” via email and GSM, with non-stop and constructive contact with the workers and the managers of the different companies for ongoing control of the product quality. Excellent teaching methods combined with a command of the English language lends great strength to my work on the ground.

The efficiency and the value of my consulting work are the consequences of long formations, daily upgraded knowledge, a strong work on the ground, and efficient and innovating pedagogy methods..

My experience as a high level athlete on the French national Ski-mountaineering team for more than 10 years, and 2008 world champion lends strength to my other work. The skills used in high level competition include dynamism, rising to a challenge, the struggle for continuous improvement, the fighting team spirit, all translate well into the business setting.

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