21 avril 2012

Tromso World Cup

Incredible success for the last step of the skimo world cup season, awesome weather conditions combinated with beautifull tracks on Blatind Moutain and a fantastic sprint down town in Tromso.

See the movies of the sprint race (final M and W) and the tracks of the individual race.

Another victory for William Bon Mardion on the men race. After loosing his skin in the 2nd uphill while heading the race, he catches up the first racers in the 3rd uphill after the long 200m foot part on the ridge. As usual, a long a technical last downhill gave him a net advantage on his other followers. 

Mireia Miro Varela win in women category, leading all the race in front of Laeticia Roux. This last one passed Mireia 200 m before finish line but she will end up with a 5 min penalty for missing a control point.

Sprint race to the incredible Marcel Marti and deserved victory for Nina Silitch on the women race.

Movie Tromso individual race 1

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Movie Tromso individual race 2

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Movie Tromso individual race 3

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